The Handy Box™

The Mystery Handy Box - Handy Items Every Month

$39.99 $70

Surprise yourself or a loved one with a mix of handy tools and gadgets! 

The Mystery Handy Box is a single box every month with your first box being sent to you when you order, this box is a selection of previous The Handy Box items. Some of these items will only be in mystery boxes and are not available in The Handy Box store. All other boxes coming at the end of the month when ordering a continual subscription.

If you are unhappy with the Handy Box service feel free to cancel at any time.

Each month, The Mystery The Handy Box is guaranteed to have over $70 worth of items! Each box is unique for each month; however, purchasing multiple boxes may result in product overlap.

Box ships the 3rd week of every month for the select month. Any Subscription purchased the 15th of each month or later will be shipped at this time and you will receive only one box that month.

*Total shipping cost for multi-month purchases paid for upon checkout.

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